Welcome, authors!

The North Shore is home to a burgeoning community of talented authors, and we want to help connect local readers to local authors!

North Vancouver City Library, North Vancouver District Public Library, and West Vancouver Memorial Library proudly present a collection of works that showcase the gifted writers in our midst. The North Shore Authors Collection inspires, supports, and celebrates the literary talent of North Shore authors by showcasing locally created content in all three North Shore libraries for one year, starting in the fall.

A Note about the 2020/2021 North Shore Authors Collection

Due to COVID-19, application and intake for the 2020/2021 North Shore Authors Collection was cancelled. Authors in the 2019/2020 collection were extended.

Applications for the 2021/2022 collection will open at the 2021 North Shore Writers Festival.

During this time, we hope you stay well and stay connected to us. We look forward to showcasing more of the amazing local authors soon.